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Best Bitcoin Wallet

PrivateX's best bitcoin wallet offers utmost security for its users while assisting them in managing their digital currency including bitcoin, Ethereum and more. The wallet allows easy access of funds, whenever needed.

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1# PrivateX app is the best bitcoin wallet app to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Do you need the best bitcoin wallet to solve all your problems related to the cryptocurrencies management? If that is so, check out PrivateX's wallet solution that is undeniably one of the most secure options out there. Using the app, you can take care of all your digital coin transactions with ease. Using this wallet, users can store as well as invest their bitcoins and Ethereum in the simplest way possible.


It includes an intuitive interface with interactive front end. Hence, letting its users to get acquainted with the app without any hassle. The wallet uses peer-to-peer technology in order to provide its users complete control over the stored funds.

In addition, the transactions is fast and confirmations are received instantly using the peer-to-peer blockchain technology. So, you can always be assured of the transfers you make. Using the private keys, the wallet verifies each transaction for high security.

Not to forget, PrivateX app is even compliant with AMLD 5 EU regulations. This ensures that the users must go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process before being able to make use of the app. Moreover. every the mobile wallet transaction is monitored through chain analyses. In case of any suspicion, the government authorities are intimated immediately. 

About the Founder of PrivateX - Mardo Soo 

In a short span of time, PrivateX has gathered a huge attention around the world. In no time, it has left many competitors behind. All thanks to the powerful solution that it vouch for. But the question is: Who founded PrivateX?

Mardo Soo is the founder of PrivateX and few other companies. He is the owner of two more companies: and Among the two, Consulting24 with its registered URL, happens to be a blockchain consulting firm. Through this company, Mardo Soo provides consulting to those looking for acquiring crypto licenses in Estonia. The company is also engaged in assisting those wanting to buy already existing crypto businesses. 

Mardo Soo is a popular name among those who are associated with the blockchain community. He owns over 27000 LinkedIn networks. He has got a huge list of supporters on different social media platforms. This is because of the experience alongside the immense knowledge that he owns about the niche. He has not only guided individuals but being a crypto influencer, he has turned many starving businesses into huge success. 

A Few Facts About Satoshi Nakamoto, the Father of Bitcoin?

As we all know that bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency founded that got released in 2009. However, it took almost two years of hard work to bring this innovation on board. And, the credit goes to Satoshi Nakamoto, later named as the Father of Bitcoin. He developed this technology with many other developers forming an online community. It has been more than 10 years and there have been quite a lot developments in the field. However, bitcoins remain unbeaten till date. 

Started as an investment option, bitcoins soon flourished to a roadmap for various applications such as payment solutions and more. However, we do not know much about the creator of bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto that was used as a pseudo name hasn't found its identity. 

Satoshi started to work on the technology in 2007. After two years of development, bitcoin was released. And, right after the release of the whitepapers, Satoshi left the project. He actually disappeared​. Before leaving the project, he handed the major responsibilities to the prominent members of his group. There were other members who got responsibilities of handling the related domains. But the major one, i.e, the codes and repositories were handed over to Gavin Andresen.


There have been many attempts made to find out the identity behind this pseudo name, but the puzzle still remains unsolved. Among the many identified names, Dorian Nakamoto is the closest match so far. But, the truth is not y

Why Estonia to Setup PrivateX’s Best Bitcoin Wallet?

PrivateX, along with its daughter concern, Consulting24 is established in Estonia. Mardo Soo is a visionary and has always tried to find the best way to make his every inception a success. One of the major reason why his companies are so popular is because these are based out of Estonia. Estonia is called the 'Digital Nation'. There are plenty of good reasons behind the same. The country is known for offering huge perks to those owning cryptocurrency business. 

Estonia  has got many benefits for crypto entrepreneurs. For example, the AMLD 5 EU regulations helps companies ensure safety for their users. PrivateX is also compliant with AMLD 5 EU regulation. Hence, using PrivateX best bitcoin wallet, every user has to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process. Also, the transactions are monitored with chain analyses to ensure further security to the payments and transfers made.

Benefits of Estonia licenses: 

  • Businesses can issue their own token to the customers

  • Users can create crypto wallets

  • Companies are provided the privileged of accessing exchange services

  • Crpto companies are able to buy and sell digital currencies either via bank transfer or debit card.

  • OTC

  • IEO

  • Companies can make use of utility token for trading globally

  • Conversion from crypto to fiat and vice versa is possible

Estonia offers two kinds of licenses. The first one is the Wallet license. Using wallet license, companies can offer their customers the wallet service. Users can create virtual wallets. The other one is the exchange license. With this license, companies become capable of offering exchange facility to their customers. Hence, making fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat conversions easy and hassle free.

More Reasons Why You Must Start Cryptocurrency Business in Estonia:

Starting with the local regulators, you can never be so impressed by the way these guardians help new businesses in making their way through different inception procedures and other requirements. All these regulators are profoundly skilled and knows every inch about the niche. And, they are very supportive too. 

In addition, Estonia offers 0% corporate tax to the companies that operate under the cryptocurrency niche. In other words, if you own a crypto business, you need not pay any charges against corporate tax. For example, if you are investing in digital coins being registered as crypto business, you are not required to pay the corporate tax. 


Moreover, those not belonging to Estonia can also setup their business inside the country. Using e-residency, anyone irrespective of the country they belong to, can start a business inside Estonia. E-residency offers remote management of the crypto business established in Estonia. Hence, you can stay in your country and can still operate the crypto company setup in Estonia. 

The best part is that these perks are coupled with the efficient legal framework. Because Estonia is considered one of the most reliable countries for establishing crypto business, it is easy to offer best bitcoin wallet to your customers too. 

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