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PrivateX's bitcoin core wallet lets you store and use your bitcoin as and when you desire to offer highest security. 

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1# PrivateX wallet is the best bitcoin core wallet to store your funds 

Bitcoin management was never so easy. With our Bitcoin core wallet, you can enjoy the freedom to store and invest your bitcoins in the simplest way possible. Our wallet interface is highly user-friendly and helps every one to get used to it in no time. It makes use of peer-to-peer technology and provides complete control over the funds to the users themselves. Hence, ensuring that the users get complete benefit of the blockchain technology.


When backed by the peer to peer technology, you get the fastest payment solutions. The transactions, either incoming or outgoing, are confirmed using peer-to-peer blockchain technology. Making it reliable and fast. Moreover, the safety concerns are well answered through our PrivateX wallet private keys which are stored on the user's personal mobile phone.


Moreover, PrivateX app is compliant with AMLD 5 EU regulations. All PrivateX bitcoin wallet users must provide KYC (Know Your Customer) identification. All PrivateX mobile wallet transactions are monitored through chain analyses. Therefore, all suspicious transactions and those behind the suspicious transactions would be reported immediately to the government.

About PrivateX bitcoin wallet founder Mardo Soo


PrivateX, an initiation by Mardo Soo, seeks to provide the best bitcoin core wallet solution to its users. Mardo is a very popular name among the blockchain community. He has been able to gain around 27000 LinkedIn networks through his experience and amazing knowledge of the field. He is a crypto influencer and has helped clients through their investments related to bitcoins and other digital currencies. There are other two companies that he owns and is successfully running: and

Among the two, is a blockchain consulting firm. Mardo, through his company, is helping those who plan to start a cryptocurrency company or wish to acquire a crypto license in Estonia. He also is great at closing deals between the buyer and seller of the already existing blockchain companies. With his extensive experience being a strategic advisor, Mardo has multiplied his skill set and plans to grow even further.


He has been working in the industry for over 3 years. He has profound knowledge of the blockchain niche and is an important part of many popular companies within the industry. His accomplished projects related to blockchain are examples for many offering huge learning prospects. He is very efficient in his results and caters to small as well as huge business requirements.  


Mardo is a professional with immense knowledge of the blockchain field. He likes to share his expertise and does that with the highest satisfaction. His love for the cryptocurrency is obvious by the various accolades he has gained in these many years working within the industry. A great leader and a responsible advisor, Mardo is an example of dedication and success.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Being the oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the most reliable and trustworthy digital coin to invest in. Its development dates back to 2009. The digital coin has come along a long way, evolving as the most favored with the largest online supporters to its name. In these many years, it has proved itself worthy of many applications. It is now, used by various payment gateway solutions and also claims to offer cheaper transaction fees when compared to the traditional payment solutions.


Bitcoin development is connected with a pseudo name, Satoshi Nakamoto. The face behind this name is still unclear. Satoshi is the father and founder of Bitcoin. However, after releasing the whitepaper, he disappeared, handing over the major responsibilities and domains to the prominent members from his group. He worked for almost two years to complete the cryptocurrency project.


And, to do so, he got help from different online developers through his website In 2010, after the release of the whitepaper, Satoshi decided to take off. He made sure that the codes and repositories were safe with Gavin Andresen. He also handed a few other related domains to the

other members who helped him complete the project.

There have been a few names that are often found being related to the pseudo name, Dorian Nakamoto being the closest of all. However, the complete truth is still not found yet. And, we can only point our guesses with what we have known so far.

Why Estonia to Setup PrivateX’s Bitcoin Core Wallet?

Estonia is among the few of those countries that offer huge prospects for cryptocurrency and the businesses related to it. It is the best jurisdictions for cryptos. PrivateX’s daughter company, Consulting24 is also registered in Estonia. It operates under domain and has registered over 200 crypto licenses in the last year alone.

Being the best option for registering businesses related to blockchain, Estonia offers huge benefits to the entrepreneur. The major of all is the AMLD 5 EU regulations which ensure safety to those owning bitcoins and other digital coins. PrivateX is also compliant with this regulation. Hence, each bitcoin wallet user has to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process. And, the transactions are monitored using chain analyses. In case of any suspicious transaction, the government is reported about the user as well as the particular transaction.


Estonia licenses provide huge benefits:

  • Companies can issue their own token

  • Businesses can create crypto wallets

  • Businesses get access to exchanges

  • OTC

  • IEO

  • Businesses are allowed to sell bitcoin via bank transfer as well as via debit card.

  • Companies can trade with utility token globally

  • Conversion of crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat


Estonia Provides Two Kinds of Licenses

  1. Wallet license – The license is for those who wish to create a virtual currency wallet service for their users. One can create hot as well as cold virtual currency wallet service which is available in the framework. The businesses can also generate unique keys for costumers. These keys help users in the management of virtual currencies through the wallet offered.

  2. Exchange licenses – This license is also very important for companies who wish to provide their users with the capability of exchanging their crypto funds into fiat currencies. Using the license, companies can offer conversion of fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto transactions.


​PrivateX’s bitcoin core wallet is equipped with all the features and provides an overall solution to its users.


Here are a few more reasons to start a crypto company in Estonia:


Estonia helps its entrepreneurs to stay as comfortable as possible in terms of paying crypto-related taxes. ​It is as low as 0% corporate tax. Hence, when you plan to invest in digital currencies while registered as an Estonian company, your corporate tax would be null. Hence, you do not have to pay anything as tax when you invest or withdraw your funds from the cryptocurrency investment, irrespective of the number of years of the company’s establishment. Even for reinvesting, you are not liable to pay any corporate tax. ​


In addition, you get complete support from the local regulators. Estonia flaunts the supportive high-quality regulators who are happy to help whenever needed. Hence, offering huge benefits to those planning to start a cryptocurrency company in Estonia. ​


Estonia is considered as the best digital nation. This is because of its welcoming nature which invites entrepreneurs from around the globe to start a business inside the country. It offers e-residency to those residing outside of Estonia. Hence, offering an easy solution to those wanting to operate from outside the country’s borders. Using e-residency, one can manage the company remotely and there is no need to be physically present inside Estonia. It offers the freedom to operate the company from anywhere. Hence, siding away from the hassles related to bureaucracies, incorporation delays, etc.


The country is very popular for its reliable legal framework. At the same time, it offers huge prospects to those motivated to start a crypto business in Estonia. It is certainly is the best option for setting a business. You can offer your users with highest reliability and opportunities. PrivateX is an example of the same. With our bitcoin core wallet, we let our users enjoy the independence of bitcoin investment and enjoy the perks in the real-time without delays.

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