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PrivateX offers the Bitcoin wallet app for storing and managing your Ethereum and Bitcoin in the most safest way possible.

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1# PrivateX wallet is the best and safest bitcoin wallet app.

​Bitcoin wallet app is a very reliable solution for those wanting to invest in digital coin. Users can securely save and spend their bitcoin using peer-to-peer technology, instead of depending on a central authority such as banks. Using this technology, PrivateX brings the most innovative and fast wallet for its users.

Using our app, you can send and receive cryptocurrencies in the simplest way possible. Moreover, you get to enjoy the freedom of spending the funds as per your will. In other words, you get complete control over the transactions you make. With all transactions confirmed using peer-to-peer blockchain technology, your digital coins are safe. For highest security, the private keyts are saved on your personal mobile device. 

You can download the app on IOS and is free for its users. Not just that, PrivateX's bitcoin wallet app is compliant with AMLD 5 EU regulations. Hence, every user is required to provide KYC (Know Your Customer) identification. Further, the transactions are monitored through chain analyses. Confirming complete security for its users.

Mardo Soo - PrivateX's Bitcoin Wallet App Founder 

Mardo Soo came up with this idea after understanding the challenges that users face with bitcoin wallets, and safety being the most crucial factor. Hence, Mardo Soo started PrivateX with a vision to provide secure network to the users. Mardo Soo is a very experienced strategic advisor and has helped many companies realize their investment goals. His LinkedIn profile is an example of the same. He is very popular among the blockchain community and has more than 27000 LinkedIn networks. He also owns two more companies: and is been around for quite a while now. The company has successfully instilled itself as a blockchain consulting firm. Mardo has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs in starting a cryptocurrency company. The firm also helps those who want to acquire crypto licenses in Estonia. Mardo makes it super easy for clients to buy an already existing blockchain company. And, even easier to sell an established firm.

His entire experience of over 3 years has helped him gain vast experience in the niche. And, become one of the most popular influencers among the blockchain community.  His leadership skills are exemplary. Mardo's immense knowledge is not very common. And, he strives to create a huge impact within the industry with his profound skillset.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto is known as the father of Bitcoin. He is the one who developed bitcoin, the first and the oldest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is known to be the most reliable digital coin in existence today. All thanks to Satoshi, who founded the blockchain solution. However, not everyone knows that Satoshi Namakoto isn't the real name of the guy who created bitcoin. Apparently, it is a pseudo name and the identity of the real person is still a puzzle. 

Bitoin was founded in 2009 and Satoshi started working on the project in 2017. Hence, it took him almost two years to come up with this complete solution. Since then, the digital coin has come along a long way, becoming the most popular alternative with the largest online supporters to its fame. Moreover, bitcoin is serving as the base for many applications. The most talked-about is payment solutions. Using bitcoin, the payment gateways can offer cheaper transaction fees to the users while completing the transactions in less time.

Satoshi did a great job and disappeared as soon as he released the whitepaper. He distributed the work among the peers who helped him complete the project. There were other members too who helped him develop bitcoin. Since then, many have tried to find the real identity behind this screen name. And, haven't succeeded yet. However, there are few names that are being associated with a few. And, the closest of all is Dorian Nakamoto. 

Why Estonia to Setup PrivateX’s Bitcoin Wallet App?


Estonia is the most favored option of almost every entrepreneur who wishes to start a blockchain business. And it is for several reasons. Estonia is known for offering a crypto license to cryptocurrency-related companies. Being the most popular jurisdictions for cryptos, many companies choose Estonia over other alternatives. There is a total of over 2500 licenses issued in Estonia.

PrivateX’s daughter company, Consulting24 provides company registration and crypto license consultancy has obtained more than 250 crypto licenses. Have both custom-made and ready-made companies for sale. Consulting24 operates under domain

Consulting24 team has the most experienced team to build AMLD 5 EU (Anit Money Laundry Directive 5 ) compliant solutions . PrivateX, hence, is compliant with all the regulation . Apart from a required KYC identification process for all its users, the transactions are screened using chain analyses. Hence, alarming government in case of any misuse or fraud related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  


Registering with Estonia licenses offer many great benefits to the users including:

  • Companies are free to issue their own token

  • They can even create crypto wallets for users

  • The access to exchange opens for companies

  • OTC

  • IEO

  • Exchange of crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat is possible

Estonia offers two licenses. One of the licenses is the Wallet license that helps businesses in creating hot and cold virtual currency wallet services for users. The license is also useful in providing businesses an access for creating private keys for their users. The other license is Exchange licenses. Using this license, companies can provide their users with access to the exchange of crypto funds into fiat currencies and vice versa.

More Reasons to Start Your Blockchain Company in Estonia.


There are many reasons. Being a blockchain company, your crypto-related taxes become 0%. This means that you are not liable to pay corporate tax as it is with other countries. Hence, as an Estonian company, you do not have to pay corporate for investing or e even reinvesting in digital coins. You can withdraw funds as well without paying any corporate tax.

Moreover, the local regulators are highly skilled and strive to provide complete support to the businesses working in the blockchain niche. If you are not from Estonia, still you do not have to worry. using e-residency, you can operate the blockchain company based in Estonia remotely. Hence, skipping the hassle related to bureaucracies and incorporation delays. 

At the same time, you can enjoy a reliable and trustworthy legal framework. Hence, offering businesses with the most exciting business endeavors. PrivateX bitcoin wallet app does offer all the benefits that the country favors. Making itself one of the most competitive solutions for its users.

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