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My Bitcoin Wallet

PrivateX's my bitcoin wallet helps users store and manage bitcoin and ethereum as per their convenience while offering the highest security. 

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1# PrivateX wallet is the best and safest way to store my bitcoin wallet account.

Managing your bitcoins is easier when you have you can manage it on your own. My bitcoin wallet gives you the flexibility to do the same. Making you completely independent while transacting through our wallet. You can complete payments and pay bills using my bitcoin wallet. Based on peer-to-peer technology, the payment solution is created for the ease of users. You can take complete benefit of the blockchain technology.

the wallet provides you the speed of the transaction that is not available through any conventional methods. With the fastest payment solutions, you can transfer bitcoins in matter of seconds. The technology is highly reliable as well. Utilizing the private keys, required for each transaction, the wallet offers high security. 

To ensure even more secure transactions, PrivateX app is compliant with AMLD 5 EU regulations. It makes sure that the users go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process. The mobile wallet transactions are being monitored through chain analyses. These safety measures ensure that the wallet users can carry on their transaction without any worries.

About Mardo Soo, the Founder of PrivateX

PrivateX was started by Mardo Soo. Mardo Soo is a popular bitcoin influencer who has over  27000 LinkedIn networks. He has immense knowledge of the field and has helped hundreds of clients through his experience and efficient solutions. He also owns two other companies: and

Through his blockchain consulting firm,, Mardo has helped and is eager to assist those planning to start a cryptocurrency company. He also provides consulting to those wanting to acquire crypto licenses in Estonia. He has helped while purchasing the already setup blockchain companies.

His entire experience of three years in the blockchain field has helped him gain extensive insight about the industry. His profound knowledge and ability to accomplish projects related to blockchain have made him highly popular among his clients. 

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

The development of bitcoin dates back over 10 years from now. Bitcoin, being the oldest digital coin and the pioneer for many new ones, has remained the most popular digital coin over the years. It is being followed by a large number of online supporters. It is also being used for plenty of practical applications and has gained worldwide trust. However, the founder of bitcoin is still a mystery. The founder of bitcoin goes by a pseudo name, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the true identity of the person is still unclear. In these many years, there have been many attempts made to find out the person behind the development of bitcoin, none of which has been able to prove completely true. 

Satoshi is known as the father and founder of Bitcoin. After releasing the whitepaper, Satoshi disappeared. However, he ensured that the work does not go waste. And, he handed over the major responsibilities as well as the domains to the prominent members from his group. Many other online members helped Satoshi complete the project. Hence, he shared the entire responsibilities to these members before taking the permanent break from the project. It took him almost two years to complete the project.


He handed the important codes and repositories to Gavin Andresen. The many other domains related to the bitcoin development were shared with other members who continuously were a part of the bitcoin development project.

Dorian Nakamoto is often being regarded as the closest match among the many identified possible names. However, the truth is still shady. 

Why Estonia to Setup PrivateX’s My Bitcoin Wallet?


Estonia is known for offering huge benefits to those setting blockchain-related companies in the country.  It offers huge prospects for businesses related to cryptocurrencies. It would be completely unbiased to call Estonia the best jurisdictions for cryptos. Apart from PrivateX, its daughter company, Consulting24 is also registered in Estonia. The company operates under domain and has been successfully able to register over 200 crypto licenses in the last year alone.

Apart from all the benefits it offers, the major one remains the safety of the users. It is compliant with AMLD 5 EU regulations. Because of this, the users must go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process, before being able to enjoy all the perks of the payment solution. Moreover, all the transactions are monitored using chain analyses. As soon as the suspicious transaction surfaces, the government is alerted about the same.

Here are a few other benefits that Estonia provides:

  • Companies are free to issue their own token

  • Businesses can also create crypto wallets

  • Companies have access to exchanges

  • OTC

  • IEO

  • Businesses can sell bitcoin via bank transfer and debit card.

  • Companies can utilize the utility token for trading globally

  • Easy and safe conversion of crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat

Estonia Offers These Licenses

  1. Wallet license – Using the wallet license, businesses can create a virtual currency wallet service for their users. Businesses get access for creating hot as well as cold virtual currency wallet. The customers also can avail the benefits of unique keys. Unique keys are provided to the users for maintaining the highest safety to the transactions.

  2. Exchange licenses – Businesses can seek the license in order to provide their users with the facility of exchanging their crypto funds into fiat currencies. Not just that, the users of the companies with exchange license can also enjoy conversion of fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto transactions.

​PrivateX’s my bitcoin wallet has got users covered with all the important features.

Wait! There is more to the list of benefits when starting a blockchain company in Estonia.

Estonia has got 0% corporate tax. Hence, businesses do not need to pay anything as corporate tax when planning to invest in digital currencies when registered as an Estonian company. Even when withdrawing your funds from the cryptocurrency investment, the corporate tax remains null.

Moreover, local regulators are highly supportive. You can count on them for helping you out throughout the tenure of the company. Not just that, even the non-citizens from other countries get the highest benefits when starting a crypto business in Estonia. Through the e-residency, offered to those residing outside of Estonia, one can manage the business remotely. Hence, gaining the freedom to operate the company from anywhere. This helps in saving the huge hassle of bureaucracies, incorporation delays, etc.

Not to forget, Estonia offers a reliable legal framework. Entrepreneurs are welcomed with open hands who wish to start my bitcoin wallet for their users. 

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