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PrivateX makes it simple for managing your bitcoin and ethereum. You can create bitcoin wallet and start storing your funds safely online. The virtual wallet offers great security. 

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1# PrivateX app is the fastest and the most secure way to create Bitcoin Wallet.

If you wish to create bitcoin wallet, there is no better option other than PrivateX. It is not only the simplest way for managing your virtual currencies, but offers high security to ensure safety of your digital wallets. Plus, you can control the funds as per your wish. With few simple steps, you would be able to create bitcoin wallet with PrivateX. 


You can utilize the wallet for making payments to the stores as well as for paying online bills. The wallet is based on the peer-to-peer technology. This means that you can avail the fastest transactions with high convenience. In matter of seconds, your payments would be completed successfully. In addition, the private keys required for accessing your wallet makes things even more secure. 

The app is complaint with AMLD 5 EU regulations. Because of which, every user must go through the  KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process before being able to use the services offered by PrivateX wallet. The app utilizes chain analysis to monitor mobile transactions, keeping you away from online threats and suspicion. 

Mardo Soo, PrivateX Founder

Mardo Soo, the founder of PrivateX is an experienced professional with profound expertise in handling cryptocurrency investment and business related to the blockchian niche. Mardo, being able to help many clients through his goal oriented attitude, has become highly popular among the blockchain community. Apart from his contribution to the segment, he is also indulged in providing counselling to businesses who need to start fresh. Apart from PrivateX, Mardo owns two more companies: and

Among the two, Consulting24 with its online address, has been regarded one of the most successful companies for providing assistance to those planning to start a cryptocurrency business. The company is engaged in assisting those looking to acquire crypto licenses in Estonia. Either you wish to start a new company or buy an existing one, Mardo is your man.

Mardo Soo has over  27000 LinkedIn networks and is a famous crypto influencer. His immense knowledge has been a blessing for those struggling to establish themselves in the blockchian niche. 

He has over three years of experience. Mardo has always been a learner and he loves to acquire knowledge as he keeps growing. He has extensive insight into the industry. And, he is always eager to help those wanting to succeed as a blockchain investor.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?


Bitcoin was the first step towards the most revolutionary technology that we call as blockchain. It did shake the entire economy with its huge capabilities. While started for providing fast and reliable payment solution, it has outgrown itself in these couple of years. After it surfaced, many new digital currencies came to existence. However, no one making any closer to bitcoin in terms of popularity. Bitcoin still remains the most popular as well as trusted digital currency. Bitcoin is the pioneer for many developments that took place after it and continue to grow as we write. 

Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, as we all know. However, this isn't the actual name, however, a pseudo name. It has been over 10 years since the bitcoins hit the economy and we still do not know who created this in the first place. Satoshi started working on the project in 2007 and continued to work since 2009, joining hands with many other online developers from around the world. However, after releasing the bitcoin whitepaper, he vanished. He decided to took off. Before leaving, he did hand over all the important documentations and domains related to bitcoin to the other members of the group. He shared the codes and repositories with Gavin Andresen. And, many other domain responsibilities were given to other prominent members of the team.


There are few names that have been associated with Satoshi Nakamoto. However, none of these identities have been proved to clarify the mystery that still stays. 

Why Estonia to Create Bitcoin Wallet?

Estonia is known as the 'Digital Country'. This is because, since start, the country has always favored those interested in blockchaiin investment. It has supported many bitcoin projects and is still working hard to ensure the technology succeeds in creating the next milestone sooner. The company offers various perks to its entrepreneurs engaged in the blockchain niche. Businesses enjoy huge prospects with the support of the Estonia'a government. This is why, we chose to establish PrivateX in Estonia. And, why only PrivateX, our daughter company, Consulting24, with its domain, is also registered in Estonia. The company procured over 200 crypto licenses in the last year alone.

In addition, to ensure safety to our customers, PrivateX got complaint with AMLD 5 EU regulations. With this regulation, users can transact without worrying about data theft or other cyber attacks. Before you can create bitcoin account, you must go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process. Plus, every transaction is monitored using chain analyses. In case of suspicious transactions, the government officials are  intimated right away.

Few More Advantages that Estonia Provides:

  • Business can offer tokens to their customers

  • Businesses get the privilege to create crypto wallets.

  • Exchange facilities are available

  • OTC

  • IEO

  • Businesses can avail the use of various payment methods.

  • Global trading is also possible using Estonia licenses

  • Currency conversion is easy and simple

Types of Licenses

  1. Wallet license – Businesses, using this license can create virtual currency hot and cold wallet service. Customers can also enjoy the benefits of safe payments through unique keys. 

  2. Exchange licenses – The license is necessary for the businesses that wish to offer exchange benefits to their customers. Users of the wallets can easily exchange their crypto funds into fiat currencies and vice versa. 

​You can create bitcoin wallet using PrivateX website to enjoy all those perks and benefits that we offer.

Other Benefits Offered by Estonia


Estonia is known for offering huge perks to the blockchain businesses. Estonia charges 0% corporate tax to those investing in crypto currencies. In other words, businesses do not need to pay even a penny as corporate tax, only and if only they plan to invest in digital currencies, in case they are registered companies within Estonian. 

Moreover, the local regulators are very supportive and helpful. If you are planning to start blockchain company, you can expect all possible help from these local regulators. To help non-residents start a company within the country borders, Estonia offers e-residency solutions. This means that entrepreneurs can remotely handle their businesses in Estonia while staying in their own country. 


To add icing to the cake, Estonia offers a very reliable legal framework. Hence, if you are planning to create a bitcoin wallet app for your customers, this is the country where you must setup your business.

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