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1# Ethereum wallet download - PrivateX app

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Text - here - Ethereum is peer-to-peer , 

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He is the Founder of PrivateX. He is a top crypto influencer on Linkedin over 27 000 on network Linkedin.  He is the founder of and Consulting24  is a consultancy company, the fastest-growing in Estonia by volume, and has obtained more than 200 crypto license 2019 year alone. Consulting24 providers new Estonia company registrations and ready-made crypto companies for sale.  He is a big believer in blockchain and tokenization, has been a strategy advisor in lots of blockchain projects. He's been full time into blockchain projects developments over 3 years now and never had a day off since then. He believes blockchain is here to stay and the core meaning of the blockchain is to give people/users data earned value back to the people. 

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