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Free bitcoin wallet PrivateX offers free bitcoin wallet for those looking for investing in bitcoins. Store and exchange your bitcoin through our safest payment gateway.

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1# PrivateX wallet is the best and most secure free bitcoin wallet

PrivateX’s free bitcoin wallet lets you manage your bitcoin in the most efficient way. It is affordable and highly secure.

Our peer to peer technology ensures fast transaction time. Moreover, the wallet provides you freedom of using your stored bitcoin anytime you want. PrivateX bitcoin wallet uses blockchain technology to confirm the transaction. This makes it ultra-secure for the users because nobody from PrivateX team has access to the users funds. 

About PrivateX bitcoin wallet founder Mardo Soo


​​PrivateX was founded by Mardo Soo, one of the most popular crypto influencers and have been able to help many with their investments related to bitcoins and other digital currencies. He has more than 27000 LinkedIn Network and has been able to grow even stronger with time. He is also running two other companies related to the niche: and is a consulting firm and Mardo in involved in assisting those individuals who need a hand in starting a cryptocurrency company and acquire crypto license in Estonia. Along with that, he also helps those looking for owning already flourished crypto companies for sale in the country. Having experience as a strategic advisor for many companies, Mardo has gained immense experience in the field.


Apart from that, Mardo has accomplished many projects related to blockchain and wishes to share the expertise with others too. He has over three years of experience with the blockchain projects and would love to employ that knowledge in helping others.


He is a great leader and can manage blockchain projects singlehandedly. With his immense knowledge and experience, his guidance is very precious and a roadmap to success.

Why Pay with Free Bitcoin Wallet?


Bitcoin, the virtual currency has gained popularity due to its unique nature which brings with itself many inherent benefits to the users. There are several advantages of paying through a free bitcoin wallet instead of spending fiat currencies.

Although there are many unrevealed sides of the technology still trying making its way to reality, the bright side cannot be ignored. Here are a few of the major benefits of using bitcoin wallet over fiat currencies.

Self Independence

What could be a better reason than this to understand how beneficial bitcoin is. The primary reason for most of the users indeed is the autonomy it provides over the user’s own currency than fiat currencies can ever provide. The fact that there is no involvement needed of bank or any other financial institutions, is a huge boost for users to depend on bitcoin and similar cryptos. One can store the digital coin in wallets and use it whenever needed. Also, the transactions are faster and reliable.

Complete Isolation


Did you now that the bitcoin purchases provide discretion? If you do not intentionally publish the transactions made in bitcoin, it would never be traced back to you. This is because the unpublished transactions aren’t connected to the user’s personal identity. It is like paying in cash instead of using your cards. The network is very secure and the anonymous bitcoin address changes each time the user makes a new purchase. Hence, these can be termed as true anonymous transactions. One can never trace back the users when the payments are made through bitcoin online payments.


Peer-to-Peer Technology


How can we stress any more on the benefit of peer to peer processing? With peer to peer technology, the bitcoin payment system helps users transact (send and receive) payments across the globe without needing to get approval from a third party, such as banks. There is no involvement of any external authority and the payments can be handled by the peers of the network themselves.

No More Banking Fees

There are few standard changes associated with bitcoins such as the "maker" and "taker" fees. Along with that, there are few occasional deposit and withdrawal fees. However, bitcoin users do not have to follow those strict and hefty fees that are connected with the fiat currencies. Instead of paying traditional banking fees such as no overdraft charges, no returned deposit fees and a lot of others, users can opt bitcoin for making payments without fearing to maintain a minimum deposit.  

International Transactions are Now Cheaper than Ever Before

When making international transfers using fiat currencies, we are often welcomed by huge transaction fees and exchange costs. However, with bitcoin transactions, there is no such problem. The transactions can be carried at a much lower transaction fee. This is because of the absence of external authorities approving the transactions cross-border. Hence, those traveling a lot to different countries would find the bitcoin payment as the easiest way to transact. Not just that, the transactions are made in a matter of seconds. So, users do not have to wait for approvals or any such tedious process when paying through bitcoins.

Online Payments

You can easily pay through bitcoins or pay for the bitcoin from anywhere with an internet connection. You can use your phone to make the purchase. Hence, you do not have to go to a bank or to the store to buy something. This may seem like any other online payment system provided through fiat currencies, using debit or credit cards. However, it is not. There is one big difference that separates these two far apart. You do not need to provide any personal information when paying through bitcoin. However, in case of debit or credit card, your personal identity is registered and you must provide the same for completing the transaction online.


PrivateX app is compliant with AMLD 5 EU. Operates under Activity license FVR000895 and Activity license FRK000788All PrivateX wallet users have to provide KYC (Know Your Customer) identification. PrivateX wallet transactions incoming and outgoing transactions are monitored with chain analyses, therefor all suspicious transactions and sender KYC will be reported to the governments.



Free bitcoin wallet can be used by anyone with a mobile phone with an internet connection. Imagine eliminating the long queues and waiting hours out of the equation completely which is unavoidable when trying to open an account in a bank. The trivial systems require all kinds of information and proofs related to one’s personal identity. However, with bitcoin payments, all you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. Isn’t that a huge difference?

A free bitcoin wallet is for everyone who wants more control over the currency they wish to spend. It can provide users with complete freedom of using and managing the virtual funds from wherever they want with just a mobile phone connected to the web. 

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