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PrivateX provides the most secure local bitcoin wallet to exchange and store your bitcoins and use it when and as needed. 

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1# PrivateX wallet is the best local bitcoin wallet to store your funds 

PrivateX provides highly secure wallet for exchanging and storing your local currencies in Bitcoins and  Ethereum. You can pay online through our wallet to purchase cryptos. PrivataX wallet is fully compliant with EU


The online wallet helps you access the stored funds when and where needed. Using the peer to peer technology, we aim to make every transaction smoother and faster.

About PrivateX Founder, Mardo Soo

PrivateX founder, Mardo Soo being one of the top crypto influencers on LinkedIn flaunting more than 27000 LinkedIn Network, has gained immense experience in the field. He runs a few more companies related to the industry, namely, and


Through Consulting24, Mardo provides consulting to those individuals looking for registering a cryptocurrency company in Estonia. He also provides assistance to those wanting to buy existing crypto companies in the country. Many companies have hired Mardo in the past as a strategic advisor for scaling their profit.


He has been able to complete many blockchain projects by now and seeks to help those who have no experience so far but wish to explore the blockchain technology. With a total of 3 years of experience assisting the blockchain project developments, Mardo has made a few best achievements. 

His firm belief in the blockchain technology and his willingness to help others realize the same keeps him motivated to do his best every time.

What is the Local Bitcoin Wallet?

The craze for owning bitcoins cease to diminish. As the bitcoin exchange rates are surging, the community keeps widening. In the midst of all this, there are still those individuals who are not aware of where to start. If you are among that list and are still wondering how to invest in bitcoins, here is what you must do.


Before you think of buying bitcoins, you must create a bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is an application that stores your Bitcoins and helps manage them. To be precise, you cannot store Bitcoins anywhere. For every bitcoin address, there is a unique private key which is a secret number associated with that particular bitcoin address. This private key is stored in the Bitcoin wallet of the individual who owns that balance.

The wallets help individuals to send and receive bitcoins. Hence, maintaining the accurate bitcoin balance derived from the individual ownership of the user.

A Bitcoin wallet isn’t an account in the bank, however, a digital wallet that stays on your local machine, either desktop or mobile. Getting a digital wallet is crucial if you are planning to buy or transact with bitcoins. You can think of the digital wallet something similar to a physical wallet, just staying in your device rather than inside your pocket. These digital wallets contain all the information related to the bitcoin address including the secure private key. These private keys help make transactions through bitcoin wallets.

If you think you are ready to create a bitcoin wallet, let PrivateX help you. PrivateX bitcoin wallet is the best and easiest option for all sets of users, either beginners or experts.

Why PrivateX for Creating Local Bitcoin Wallet?

Being one of the many companies providing similar services, why PrivateX? The question is so usual to pop. Hence, we seek to provide an edge to our users over those using services from other companies. PrivateX aims to include the latest technologies and advancements happening around the cryptocurrency network to keep itself competitive and trustworthy.

Company:  PrivateX app is one of the first AMLD 5 EU regulations compliant crypto wallet. All app users have to go through KYC (Know Your Customer) identification. All wallet transactions are monitored by whit chain analysis programs. Suspicious transactions included sender KYC will be reported to the government of Estonia. 

Among many reasons to like us, here are a few benefits that you receive when using the local bitcoin wallet from our company.


It is Fast: We provide access to the fast network of trade and transactions while keeping the time as minimum as possible. Using our wallet, you can start making transactions after creating the account in less than a few minutes. We believe in providing instant solutions to our users, hence, we have kept processes easy.

Support for Wider Payment Methods: We provide access to a wider range of payment methods from across the world. Hence, giving our users huge freedom over their choice of payment method. It does not matter which country you belong to if you are excited to get started, why not right away?


One App for Complete Solution: Using our wallet would let you explore the many possibilities connect with bitcoin transactions. You can send, receive, pay and do a lot more things when having an account on PrivateX wallet. The fastest transaction time would help you accomplish things in a blink of an eye.


Secure Wallet Access: If you are at all worried about the security of your wallet, do not be. The secure app is completely safe. The information about your private key is saved on the local device and there is no footprint of the same, online. Hence, there is no way anyone can access your account. Apart from you, no one is provided authority to transact from your local bitcoin wallet, making it highly reliable.


Intuitive Interface: It is not only important to provide users with the best features. However, the ease of use is equally accountable for letting users exploit the full potential of an application. PrivateX understands that very well and makes sure that the users find the applications simple and user-friendly. After creating the account for the first time, you won’t take more than a few minutes to get acquainted with the bitcoin wallet. It is as simple as it sounds.   


Instant Global Payments: Companies and businesses often face trouble when transacting through banks, especially, when it about the cross border money transfer. If the amount is huge, the scrutiny time taken by banks is even more tedious. But with a bitcoin wallet, this is not a problem. It won’t take more than a few seconds to make the transactions without the involvement of any third party, not even bank. The peer to peer network makes things simpler and accessible.

Regulated and Operating Under Licenses: As a responsible company, PrivateX ensures that all the regulations of the country of inception are met with utmost priority. Hence, we are compliant with EU regulations and the PrivateX founder, Mardo Soo, who also is the founder of has obtained over 200 crypto licenses and made over 100 Estonia company registration in the year 2019 alone. 

Highly Reliable: PrivateX is a customer-centric company and works to ensure a hassle-free service. We have come up with a reliable app that provides access to multiple benefits. The founder of the app, Mardo Soo has gathered huge experience providing consulting to entrepreneurs and end-users relating to cryptocurrencies through his other venture, Through PrivateX, he wishes to provide a similar experience to his users.


Amazing Support Team: We ensure that the customers are always happy with our services. We also have our support team that caters to the queries of our customers. We are eager to assist and look forward to a long term commitment. Hence, we resist delaying the help and ensure prompt replies to our users.


PrivateX is passionate about exploring the possibilities that are still unveiled and make sure it reaches to its users before anyone else. In doing so, we keep finding new ways to upgrade our application to keep providing an unmatched experience to our users. We have been successfully able to help many users from across the world with our diverse service offerings. PrivateX is determined to provide its users with the best possible solutions in the coming future as well.


Getting on board with us would mean shaking hands with the most advanced and reliable company. The local bitcoin wallet isn’t just a digital wallet, but a new beginning for brighter tomorrow.

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