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PrivateX provides the most secure solution for maintaining bitcoin and ethereum. You can open bitcoin wallet to store and manage digital coins and use them when desired. 

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1# PrivateX wallet is the best and fastest way to open bitcoin wallet.

PrivateX offers the easiest way to manage your bitcoins while offering highest security for your stored coins. You can manage your coins all by yourself. You can open bitcoin wallet with PrivateX to avail benefits that the solution entails. Either you wish to use the wallet for payments at stores and for paying online bills, it is made simpler with bitcoin wallet. The wallet embraces the peer-to-peer technology, hence, offering ease of use and convenience of fast transactions.


It just takes a few minutes to complete payments around the world. Moreover, the solution is reliable and utilizes private keys to ensure high security. 

To further strengthen the security of the transaction, the app is made compliant with AMLD 5 EU regulations. Hence, every user is required to go through the  KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process in order to make use of the wallet features. In addition, chain analysis is used for monitoring wallet transactions.

Mardo Soo, PrivateX Founder

Mardo Soo is a popular name connected with the blockchain community. He has been an inspiration for many through his various accolades he has earned by offering consulting services related to blockchain to many clients. PrivateX is yet another company that was started by Mardo Soo to help those wanting a solution to manage their digital coins. Apart from that, Mardo also owns two other companies: and

Mardo Soo is known to be one of the most famous bitcoin influencers and has over  27000 LinkedIn networks to his list of followers. He boasts an immense knowledge of the niche and has assisted hundreds and thousands of clients through his experience and efficient solutions.


His consulting firm, provides assistance to those planning to start a cryptocurrency company. Moreover, his company helps those too who wish to acquire crypto licenses in Estonia. Mardo excels at finalizing deals between two parties who wish to sell and buy an already existing blockchain company. 

With over three years of experience, Mardo has acquired huge experience and extensive insight into the industry. His profound knowledge isn't easily attainable. His abilities to accomplish projects related to blockchain have made him highly popular among his clients. 

Satoshi Nakamoto, Father of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is known to be the first digital coin that came into existence. Later which, there has been a huge development in the niche. After over 10 years of its inception, bitcoin still remains the most trusted digital coin. It not only flaunts a huge number of follower lists around the world, however, it is also the pioneer for the other digital coins. Because of its various benefits and perks, the technology is utilized for plenty of practical applications, with immense popularity and success. 


Although there has been so much work around the blockchain industry, the name behind the development of bitcoin is still a mystery. Those who do not know, Satoshi Nakamoto is not a real name. Instead, the man who founded bitcoin used this name as the pseudo name or screen name to connect with other developers who were a part of the bitcoin development. The real identity of the person is still unclear. But that does not mean that there have been no efforts made to find out the face behind the name, Satoshi Nakamoto. In these many years, many attempts have been made but none of those efforts have succeeded so far.  

Satoshi took off after releasing the bitcoin whitepaper. Before leaving, he handed over the major responsibilities to the other member of the group.  He was engaged for almost two years to create bitcoin before he decided to end his connections with the bitcoin project. The codes and repositories were given to Gavin Andresen. He also provided the details of other domains to some of the prominent members of the team. 

Why Estonia to Open Bitcoin Wallet?

Estonia is the country that is known for favoring bitcoin projects in the most supportive ways. The different laws have been made to ensure the blockchain companies find it easy to flourish and grow. There are many perks provided to the entrepreneurs and investors who wish to start a cryptocurrency business within the country's territory. Businesses can enjoy huge prospects. That is the reason why PrivateX has been registered in Estonia. Not just PrivateX, the daughter company, Consulting24 is also registered in Estonia. This company with its domain has also been successful in registering over 200 crypto licenses in the last year alone.

Moreover, PrivateX is a complaint with AMLD 5 EU regulations. The regulation ensures that the transactions are safe and in case of any breach of privacy and security, the authority is intimated right away. Every user is required to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) identification process. In addition, the transactions, either incoming or outgoing are monitored using chain analyses. And, in case of suspicious transactions, the government is alerted right away.

More benefits that Estonia provides:

  • Companies can issue tokens

  • Businesses are free to create crypto wallets after attaining required licenses

  • Businesses can make use of exchanges

  • OTC

  • IEO

  • Businesses have the option to sell bitcoin via different payment methods.

  • Companies can also make use of the utility token for trading globally

  • Secure and ease currency conversions

Types of Licenses

  1. Wallet license – The license provides businesses with the authority to create virtual currency hot and cold wallet service. They can also offer customers the benefits of unique keys. Using these unique keys, users can maintain the highest security to the transactions.

  2. Exchange licenses – If one wishes to help customers take advantage of conversions and exchange, this license would help those businesses accomplish the same. Users can easily exchange their crypto funds into fiat currencies. 

​You can open bitcoin wallet with PrivateX to take advantage of all those perks and benefits.

What other benefits does Estonia offer to the Blockchain businesses?


To start with, Estonia has got 0% corporate tax. In short, businesses are not supposed to pay anything as corporate tax, if they plan to invest in digital currencies, given that they are registered as an Estonian company. There is no corporate fee for withdrawing your funds from the cryptocurrency investment as the tax remains 0%.

In addition, you can depend on the local regulators for all the help you require to start a blockchain company. The country also welcomes non-residents, not from Estonia to start a business and take complete advantage of the favorable laws. It offers e-residency which helps those entrepreneurs who stay in other countries in managing their business remotely. 

Moreover, Estonia has a very reliable legal framework. You can open bitcoin account or help your customers do the same when running a blockchain company in Estonia.

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