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What You Should Know Before You Add Funds To Bitcoin Wallet

The fintech sector has evolved so fast in the last decade following the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency or digital currency which has revolutionized peer-to-peer cross border transactions. Besides bitcoin, other electronic currencies have been launched in recent years and just like fiat currencies, digital currencies need to be stored in a crypto wallet. As a result there several providers such as PrivateX.io have sprung which offers a platform to add funds to bitcoin wallet.

The decentralized nature of Bitcoin attracts crypto enthusiasts because the currency is not controlled by any central authority. Bitcoin has grown to be the most preferred digital currency choice across the world and traders can leverage its price volatility to make some profits. Cryptocurrency value tends to fluctuate and prices are always determined by market sentiment unlike in fiat currencies where a central authority determines the value of the currency. So when looking to add money to bitcoin wallet you need to choose one of the most trustworthy and reliable providers.

Why PrivateX.io

Great news for crypto enthusiasts! If you are looking for a secure and trustworthy bitcoin wallet provider then look nowhere else other than PrivateX.io. The platform has a good reputation and can be a fantastic choice for someone looking to add funds to bitcoin wallet. Most importantly the site offers readymade solutions for those looking to establish crypto wallets with support from a developmental and legal perspective. For entrepreneurs, the availability of readymade software for the crypto wallet helps in cutting the costs and time they could have spent in developing a crypto wallet from scratch. This implies that businesses can set up crypto wallets within the shortest time possible.

Another upside of the platform is that it is available globally as anyone can download the solution. Most importantly it has ties with Consultin24.co which is a leading consultancy firm in Estonia that helps businesses in matters to do with cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that Estonia is one of the most liberal nations when it comes to crypto regulations. So far there have been over 3,000 cryptocurrency licenses issued in the country and Consulting24.co has helped more than 200 businesses in getting licenses. Therefore when talking of a bitcoin wallet one will be dealing with one of the most trustworthy players in the industry with considerable cryptocurrency experience.

What you should know about bitcoin before you add money to bitcoin wallet

One important thing to remember is that the value of Bitcoin is highly volatile since it is not pegged on commodities. Before you buy BTC you should be aware that you can buy bitcoin today and tomorrow the price might plunge or increase so this is a risky investment where only spare income should be invested. Bitcoin works on the principle of demand and supply and since total bitcoins are capped at 21 million it is demand that determines values. The higher the demand the higher the value of BTC and when there is oversupply a crypto exchange will draw a low limit of BTC value.

Also, bitcoin can be used as a commodity where you can buy and sell BTCs to make a profit on crypto exchanges or a medium of exchange for making an online payment. The latter is increasingly becoming popular as the e-commerce sector continues to grow and customers and merchants are seeking ways to pay for online purchases without restrictions irrespective of where one is.  

Selecting the right bitcoin wallet provider

Before you adding money to your bitcoin wallet it is important to consider how safe and secure a provider is. There are several crypto wallets providers currently that offer cold and hot crypto wallets. Transparency and ease of access to your funds when you need them should be top of the considerations for the right BTC wallet provider. Nowadays several scam providers purport to offer wallet services but then end up defrauding unsuspecting crypto users of their funds.

You should also look at the provider on how it secures the coins from hackers and if they have things like two-step authentication for bitcoin transactions. Always ensure you have control of your private access keys because it implies you are in control over the wallets and can move funds in and out of your bitcoin wallet at any moment.

Advantages of owning bitcoin over fiat currency

The main merit of bitcoin is that it allows peer-to-peer transactions over the internet without the involvement of a third party intermediary. You don't have to involved middlemen like payment providers or banks to confirm transactions and the process is faster than conventional fiat currency transfers that can take up to 3 days.  

Since bitcoin is decentralized it can be used anywhere across the globe without any hassle or restrictions that come with fiat currencies. It is easier for cross border transactions as you are your bank. Most importantly transactions are transparent and there are no hidden fees as everything is recorded of a public ledger referred to as the blockchain.

Another important benefit over fiat is that Bitcoin is inflation proof. It is less likely yo experience inflation unlike other currencies such as the pound and dollar which tend to lose purchasing power during an economic downturn. Bitcoin is not printed and the number of bitcoins has been capped at 21 million which implies that no more can be printed even in the event of a recession so its value will not dip like that of fiat currencies.

The best part is that anyone can acquire bitcoin from either mining or buying from an exchange. There are several exchanges currently where one can buy and sell bitcoins and most of them support the conversion of fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions. All you need is a trustworthy and reputable exchange and then deposit money using the exchange’s preferred methods. After depositing you can purchase bitcoin which will be sent into your bitcoin wallet. This is an effortless process, buy bitcoin today and add funds to your bitcoin wallet.

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