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Top Reasons Why People are Leveraging the Current Euro to Bitcoin Rate!

In the past few years, Cryptocurrencies have proved to be one of the best commodities to invest in. Although they are highly volatile, investing in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be very profitable. In Europe, investing in cryptocurrencies has become very popular. An increasing number of people are actively investing in various forms of Cryptocurrencies because one can get easy and big returns in a relatively short period. The current Euro to Bitcoin exchange rate is truly amazing and it is only expected to get better.

Give the current Euro to Bitcoin rate, it is ideal to invest in Bitcoin. The best thing about Bitcoin is that Bitcoin’s rules are permanent, meaning that Bitcoin will never exceed its 21 million coin supply cap. This rule is completely in contrast to the majority of governments in the world since most governments print more money frequently. In the US, this is termed Quantitative easing. With Bitcoin, nobody can make more. This is one of the main reasons why it’s safe to Buy Bitcoins. Unlike other investments, Bitcoins can’t be manipulated by banks, financial companies or by Government organizations. It is also a great option for people who like to verify things on their own, as Bitcoins can be verified through a public ledger.

Since there are only 21 million Bitcoins, its value has seen a dramatic rise recently. If all the Bitcoins were distributed equally among the entire population of the world, everyone would own only 0.0023 Bitcoins. One of the most renowned Investment Banker, Jim Rickards, once even compared Bitcoin to gold. He said that gold is a great way of preserving wealth, but it is hard to move around, unlike Bitcoin which is digital and doesn’t require any effort to stock. Moreover, nobody knows what would happen to the value of gold if another San Francisco Gold Rush occurred. On the contrary, despite the unpredictable short-term fluctuations, the value of Bitcoins is only expected to increase.

One of the main reasons why Bitcoin is in direct conflict with the Federal Reserve is its transparency. In the Fiat currency system, there is no transparency in the transactions that happened in the past. Nobody knows where the taxpayer dollars go and how they are used. Moreover, nobody knows how much money is printed. The future monetary policies are not revealed until the very last moment, there’s no way to audit the Federal Reserve, either. If the government used Bitcoin, everything would be transparent.

Therefore, many people have even started to establish their own cryptocurrency companies. Many do so in Estonia, where entrepreneurs can easily start their corporation and monitor the operations from a remote location. Given the current Euro to Bitcoin exchange, one can establish a cryptocurrency company in Estonia and direct all the operations from a remote place in Europe. Several organizations in Estonia allow people to establish Cryptocurrency agency in Estonia and earn a significant amount while managing it from Europe.

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