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What You Should Know About The Best Bitcoin Card Providers

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are taking the fintech sector by a storm with massive improvements in privacy, convenience, speed, and privacy. Along with the advent of debit and credit cards, it has made online payments possible as the e-commerce segment continues to boom. Therefore getting the best bitcoin card will enable you to join the new craze in town and be able to pay for goods and services using bitcoin.

Several bitcoin credits and debit cards have sprung up I recent times that allow users to exchange their fiat currency for bitcoin, which they can spend at any place. With a bitcoin card, you can spend BTC at any merchant that accepts debit or credit card, but you will be charged from your bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin is a digital currency, but just like fiat currency, it needs to be stored somewhere, and therefore you will need a bitcoin wallet for storage of your funds. The good news is that there are many bitcoin wallet providers such as PrivateX.io, which offers a free bitcoin wallet. Always choose the best bitcoin credit card or the best bitcoin debit card, and in this case, security should be one of the primary considerations.

Understanding bitcoin cards

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is not under the ownership of anyone or control of any central authority. Therefore, bitcoin doesn't issue its credit or debit card, and third-party card providers issue such cards. Some of the conventional cards that we use can be loaded with bitcoin, and you can spend the bitcoins anywhere you want. With a bitcoin card and a crypto wallet from PrivateX.io, you can conduct almost 95% of your normal bank transactions on your own. In short, with these offerings and bitcoin, you are your bank.  

You can get the best bitcoin card that you can swap when shopping or even use them at ATMs to withdraw funds because nowadays there are bitcoin ATMs. Most importantly, the card will reflect your balance in fiat, as well as the number of bitcoins you have. The number of merchants that accept bitcoin payment has continued to grow, but that doesn't mean that you can purchase everything in bitcoins. With the bitcoin card, the merchant will receive payment in their currency while the amount is deducted from your bitcoin balance. It is important to note that you are also charged conversion and processing fees if you are paying in foreign currency for a bitcoin card using the native currency.

How does the bitcoin card operate?

Bitcoin cards make the spending of BTC and other cryptocurrencies easier because no one will want to go through the hassle of selling their bitcoins on an exchange to get funds to spend. Pick the best bitcoin credit card if you're going to use your digital assets daily for purchases because they make things effortless.   

Most importantly, the cards give crypto enthusiasts a way of circumventing the cumbersome process of converting bitcoin to fiat, allowing them to spend freely. With a bitcoin card, the providers will carry out the exchange element by converting your bitcoin to fiat and vice versa. It is important to note that the cards' conversion rates might not be as favorable as the market rates at the time. It is a downside to investors when combined with conversion fees and processing fees, and it can be expensive. The advantage is that the card will offer added convenience and security, which compensates for the increased costs. You can spend using your bitcoin card even where the merchant does not accept crypto as the provider will convert your digital assets to the merchant's currency.

Consideration when choosing a bitcoin debit card

When looking for the best bitcoin debit card, there are various issues to consider, but security should be the main one. Always consider the conversion and processing fees charged because these vary, the number of cryptocurrencies the card supports, and where you can use the card, and how well the card operates.

You can also consider other features that the service or card offers, like the ability to lock in rates to cushion against price volatility.  Since bitcoin cards are a new phenomenon that is still undergoing development, it is advisable to consider where an alternative card could meet your needs better. Remember that you will be locked into a specific service after you have chosen a particular provider for your card. Try to see a provider that covers most of your needs, although you might not get one that entirely covers everything.

There are several crypto wallets providers, and some of them might not be secure, but with PrivateX.oi, your security is assured. But if you feel like the bitcoin wallet is not secure or don't consider it a good value for your money, you can skip the whole idea altogether. Always consider the pro and cons of each card provider and how each might fit your situation.

Three best bitcoin debit cards

Wirex Bitcoin Debit card

Wirex is one of the bitcoin card providers, and the card can support several coins with the conversion of card balance available in GBP and EUR. You can load the card with Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Litecoins. Currently available to users in the EEI, there are plans to make it available in Asia and North America.

Coinbase Bitcoin Card

For EU users, they can get their Visa card from Coinbase, one of the top crypto exchanges globally. The bitcoin card supports several cryptocurrencies, and it is linked to a Coinbase account allowing users to spend their coins at merchants that accept Visa.

Bitpay Bitcoin Card

The card is for US users across all states, and it charges no transaction costs. The card supports Bitcoin, Gemini Dollars (GUSD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Paxos (PAX), and USD Coin (USDC). The card charges $2 for withdrawal from your account.

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